“Just because a company is insured doesn’t mean you are protected, but that is where our honesty, courteous, respectful manners come in. I have taught my crew the way I work, the way I want things to be done and they also understand that coming into someone’s home is a privilege and sign of trust.”

-Fernando Medina, Owner ProWindowz

Meet the ProWindowz Team

About ProWindowz

Professional Window Cleaning aka prowindowz has been providing professional cleaning services to the Southern California area since August of 2008. Owner Fernando Medina worked as a dedicated employee with another window cleaning company in the Los Angeles area for four years before branching out and continuing to make customers happy on his own. Known throughout the community for the outstanding work he provides, not only does Fernando and his team keep clients 100% satisfied but pride themselves on giving a professional, comfortable experience. Knowing the importance of feeling secure when allowing someone in your home, especially at times you cannot be there, Fernando relies heavily on the recommendations of neighbors, friends and companies who’ve used his services. The ProWindowz team understands the importance of respect and honesty when entering any facility.

As a small independent company, we go the extra mile to give our customers the very best in service, something you might not get from a franchise with a high turnaround of employees. Our staff is friendly, professional and dedicated to meeting the high standards our customers deserve.

Our Standards Help Make Us the Best in the Business


We keep your home/facility the way we find it. Drop cloths are always used to cover up the area we are working on and fresh booties are worn on every job site. Our equipment is protected with rubber feet to protect all styles of floors and we protect walls and paint with clean cloths at the end of our ladders.


We pride ourselves on being on time, all the time We are on time to every job and finish on time when we provide a time frame. We do not leave until our work is approved!

Eco-Friendly Products

Our Deionized Water System is a chemical-free, eco-friendly alternative that ensures a streak-free shine

Night Cleaning

We know sometimes jobs for businesses are best completed after hours or late in the evening. Our crew is ready and equipt for night cleaning services.

Going the Extra Mile

If we ever find something out of the ordinary that we see as a red flag (ie. a crack around the chimney or on the rooftop, broken or damaged tiles) we notify our customers so they can attend to issues before they become serious or a hazard

Pet Friendliness

We love pets and treat them as we would any part of your family, so rest assured we look out for their safety while we work!